• pranjali



  • Northparktrailrunners


  • Boyd Ingalls

    Boyd Ingalls

    Dataphile. Fascinated by numbers, listening to the questioners, dancing to good music, climbing my personal mtn to see what's on the other side.

  • Eleanor Stribling

    Eleanor Stribling

    Product & people manager, developer, writer & speaker finding ways to build better tech. Alum of MIT & UofToronto; product at TubeMogul, Microsoft, Zendesk.

  • Lauren Dawson

    Lauren Dawson

    Advocate, Dreamer & Partner

  • Donia Robinson

    Donia Robinson

    Full stack web developer & former business owner; IoT tinkerer; bot maker; machine learning student; women in tech advocate

  • Nicolle Romero

    Nicolle Romero

    Software Engineer | JavaScript | React | Python

  • Erica Fos

    Erica Fos

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