How to succeed with Avocado User Stories

A prototype of Avocado Stories, maybe, from Product Hunt

I like avocados, but I don’t LOVE avocados. When California released the latest prototype of Avocado User Stories, I didn’t know how to react. I just want fatty globs of protein-rich veggie mush to dip chips into. Guacamole, hold the mayo. (And the Nutella. What is with y’all? Yeesh!)

I had to wonder, though — am I one of these user stories? Did some produce manager somewhere pull out a list of personas and write up a cute little description with a dykey image and profile, used in someone’s bleary-eyed dawn scrum out in the field?


“This here is Sarai. She likes guac. She likes guac. As a guac-lover, she doesn’t mind a few bruises, she chops and blends those ‘cados with a variety of summer vegetables in proportions designed for exquisite chip slathering. Bring on the flavor.”

“Alice is an elderly woman who plays tennis every day. She eats avocado with a spoon and throws the pits at her enemies. Alice is a badass.”

Avocado burger

“Alex is a middle-aged enby with MS. They like slices of avocado on sandwiches, and they haven’t decided whether hot dogs are sandwiches.”

“Chris is a baby. Hasn’t figured out how to operate the skin yet. This will be our most difficult user to reach.”

Instead of explaining how to use Avocado Stories, our users should have the opportunity to discover for themselves and invent their own ways of using Avocados.

How will you use Avocados today?

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